Compliance Best Practices

At Attorneys’ Title Services, we understand that security and risk mitigation make or break real estate transactions. Despite our fast turnaround time and easy-to-use online services, we never sacrifice quality for expedience. We have invested heavily in data protection, and our clients’ financial and personal information are completely secure – both within our servers and with our expert staff. We have been proactive when it comes to compliance, designing our employee training to handle disruptive changes in government regulation like the TILA-RESPA (otherwise known as TRID) integrated disclosure.

Best Practices

Attorneys’ Title Services is a national title provider that aims to exceed the expectations and standards of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and ALTA Best Practices. Our strict adherence to housing and lending policy help to alleviate the burden of compliance for lenders, realtors, and developers. We adhere to Best Practice Standards and have adopted internal security measures to protect consumers from the risk of data theft. By engaging in annual audits, we not only ensure that our practices meet our professional standards, but also those of state and national regulating bodies.


“Best practices” doesn’t simply mean trying to provide the best service. From the beginning, Attorneys’ Title Services has recognized the need for procedures with objective goals. We maintain all current licenses necessary to provide title insurance and settlement services in our service areas, and we’re actively expanding to new states. We require rigorous training of our employees, perform regular certification checks, actively track employee education, and invest in liability insurance and fidelity coverage.