Our Story

A Different Background

Our years of experience gives us an edge when checking titles for defects, issuing title insurance, and providing escrow services. Federal regulations are constantly changing, and closing requirements vary state by state. We assist developers with complicated new construction projects and provide realtors and lenders with comprehensive title insurance and escrow services across multiple states – always mindful of local rules and regulations.

A Title & Settlement Provider with a Different Approach

Every national title provider aims to ease the closing process for their clients, yet few have expanded their geographic reach and leveraged the latest technological advances the way we have at Attorneys’ Title Services.

Easing Communication

Many parties are involved in real estate transactions – even if it’s a simple residential sale. We have positioned ourselves to be a mutual point of contact between mortgage companies, realtors, and homebuyers, ensuring that the lines of communication remain open. To help our clients remain in compliance with CFPB regulations, our online ordering system features tracking and confirmation of receipt for title orders and contracts within 24 hours.