Realtor Title & Closing Solutions

When a national realtor, regional realtor, or local realtor is working through the rigorous process of a closing, they need a reliable title company that has the dedication, experience, and attention to detail to meet important deadlines. Attorneys’ Title Services is that company.

Unique Title & Settlement Services

Our unique background in mortgage and real estate law allows us to offer the services of a traditional title company as well as escrow services and attorney services on demand. Our multiple-state service area has given us the experience to work through complicated commercial and residential transactions with ease and efficiency-significantly reducing the cost to our realtors’ clients.

Unmatched Communication

Our title agents excel at communication, serving all parties involved in any given transaction. We have multiple closing locations in major metropolitan centers across the country, including Chicago and Los Angeles. Our long list of realtors continues to grow as we expand our range of services, our geographical reach, and expertise in state and local law.

Availability, Resources, and Tools

We make ourselves available to answer questions and offer guidance whenever it’s needed. Our cutting-edge website features the resources, fee calculators, and up-to-date industry news that local, regional, and national realtors use to deliver the best possible service to their clients. As a growing company with 100 years of combined experience in real estate transactions, Attorneys’ Title Services can help close simple residential transactions, complicated commercial transactions, and new developments. Contact us today for more information.