To purchase a home or commercial property, one must have a free-and-clear title – that is, one free of defects. Titles with defects can put a consumer’s ownership at risk as well as put lenders and realtors in danger of non-compliance. Attorneys’ Title Services is a national title provider that mitigates risk – both in the long term and short term- and protects homeowners’ and business owners’ property investments with title insurance, escrow services, and settlement services.


An insured title must pass through a rigorous process to uncover unreported tax liens, mortgages, deeds, court judgments, and encroachments. This process is called a title search, and it’s the first step before a policy may be issued. When we’ve completed our search, we bring our information to a title insurance underwriter who then insures the title.


At Attorneys’ Title Services, our team is made up of licensed real estate attorneys, dedicated title insurance experts, escrow professionals, and closing experts. Together, we provide a one-stop solution for lenders, realtors, and developers looking to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency.


We offer online ordering and tracking of multiple products and services. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Residential Title Searches and Closings
  • Commercial Title Searches and Closings
  • Preparation of Real Estate Agreements
  • Mortgage Refinance Closings
  • Builder Services
  • REO Transactions
  • Shortsale Transactions
  • Settlement
  • Escrow

Detailed Service Information

For more information on our services, please visit our client-based pages:

  • Realtor Title & Closing Solutions
  • Lender Title & Closing Solutions
  • For Sale by Owner Services
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